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Why should you choose Kesar Learning for your child?

We specialise in preparing children for 11+ entrance exams for Grammar and Independent schools in a stress free environment. Our success rates for Grammar schools is 97% and for Independent schools is 100%. This is a testimony to the high quality of our teaching methodologies. With our small class sizes, we can personalise our lessons to each child’s learning needs. Our aim is not just to get the child in the school of their dreams, but also help your child discover the joy of learning and the self belief for life long success.

We cater to all year groups but our year 3, year 4 and year 5 are hugely popular and the spaces fill-up very quickly.

Both our tutors are DBS checked and have over 35 years of combined tutoring experience.

Our Success Rate


> 97% succeed rate for Grammar
and 100% for Independent schools


Over 35 years of combined experience


More than 2000 children tutored

Our Topics


Our ethos is to make Mathematics fun to learn and easy to understand. We lay down strong foundations and introduce practical strategies that help the child solve exam questions quickly and correctly, providing more time to recheck the paper.


We cover every aspect of the syllabus, making it enthralling while ensuring that children easily master the language. We strike the right balance between inference skills, creative writing and SPAG, so that the child is prepared for all formats of the exam.

Non Verbal Reasoning

In these sessions, we take a practical approach rather than restraining the young minds to a theoretical process. For example: we construct shapes, analyze them from different angles and consider all the different perspectives possible, to help children visualize a 2D shape in 3D.

Verbal Reasoning

We have found that restricting the teaching of Verbal Reasoning to a specific lesson is not sufficient to master the subject. Therefore, we have developed our unique strategy to incorporate these techniques across all subjects. We are always mindful of these techniques even using them during our break times while the kids are having a relaxing and fun experience. Our kids gradually master these techniques without feeling the burden of learning a subject that is not specifically taught in a lot of schools. Our dedicated Verbal Reasoning classes are then focussed on polishing their skills and this is the key factors for our high success rates.

Interview Preparation

Our small class size allows us to work with each child independently and work on their communication techniques and interview skills throughout the academic year. This makes sure that the child is already ahead of their peers by the time we start thinking about interview technique lessons.

Types of lessons

We have three main types of lessons.

Our Ethos

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
- Margaret Mead

Our culture is such that we nurture children rather than just training them for the exam. We encourage them to express themselves and build their confidence in the process.

For our parents, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (unless of course it is a leap year) and go over and beyond.

In every interaction with our children, we ensure that we develop their love for learning, become more organised in their work and independent in their thinking.

Satisfied Parents

Jay sir and Ruchi ma'am have been one of the best teachers that my son has ever had. He has really blossomed under their tutorship. Their patient, caring and kind personalities coupled with an amazing ability to build an inspiring relationship with my son has really helped him excel academically. More importantly, their dedication to teaching clearly comes out in the engagement they have with their students. Both Jay sir and Ruchi Ma'am are brilliant at spotting potential and encouraging it in the most inspiring and supportive manner. The class structure, homework schedule are well thought through and systematic. Mock tests are conducted in a very professional manner with very detailed feedback provided at the end of it. I am so glad my son could attend their classes.

Sir and Ma'am- I cannot thank you enough for being such a positive influence in my son's life!

Nikhila Krishnan

Jay Sir and Ruchi Ma'am have been great with the children and encourage them a lot. They make every session interesting to the children so that they can focus and learn easily. My daughter is not only learned concepts with ease but also build her personality especially confidence. And their communication with parents is brilliant. I strongly recommend Jay Tutoring to parents who are looking for their children to learn in fun and enthusiastic environment. Thank you Jay Sir and Ruchi Ma'am for all your support.

Prasanna Isukapalli

Jay is a natural teacher. He inspires kids to learn and make learning exciting. He has an uncanny ability to connect with kids and my son has improved so much over the last year - getting to the top of his class in English, Maths and V/NVR. he identified the specific learning needs for my son and has helped him improve in neatness of his work and the clarity of thinking. These skills will be so helpful to my son in all areas of his education and development, not just in the 11+ entrance exams.
No wonder he always has a waiting list of students wanting to join his classes.
All the best to Jay and good luck to all the students (and parents).

Ajai Kumar

My daughter is a big fan of Jay Sir and Ruchi Ma'am. She found her comfort in this small group tuition which worked perfectly for her. They helped her understand the basics of Maths and English in the most fun way which has helped her immensely and she did well in all the 11+ exams. Thank you very much!

Poonam Shukla

Jay has made an immense difference to my son. He has pushed him in style to his limits, given me the support and kept my son motivated since June. Jay and his team recognised my sons strengths and weaknesses after just one Mock Exam! He’s been the best Jackpot for our child. Thank you so much Jay

Nimisha Patel

Jay and Ruchi are gifted in their ability to teach, encourage and enthuse children on the 11+ journey.
They respect, engage and interact with the children as if they're their own.
During the lockdown period, my son would reappear from his Zoom lessons with a smile on his face ready to share what he'd learnt together with funny anecdotes shared in class.
The revision week lessons were particularly useful in consolidating learning and in identifying key areas to focus on.
Many people teach but not all can keep the passion for learning alive the way that this tutor duo can. Thank you for all the support, advice and reassurance over the past few years.

Sarah Mehrali

I cannot thank enough Jay Sir and Ruchi Ma'am for not only being amazing teachers but a wonderful mentor for my son. They both encouraged my son on every step of his 11 plus preparation. Their mock test and the follow up reports along with result was really good and clearly explains the area of development. Professionalism and personal touch a rare combination found nowadays.
You both are brilliant and thank you again for all your support.

Charu Kapoor

Jay and Ruchi are extremely passionate teachers which reflects in the way they interact and engage with the kids.
I was particularly impressed how they make each class so much which is extremely crucial for the kids in this overwhelming journey!! My daughter would always come out of the class with a big smile on her face and the level of enthusiasm continued even during the virtual session which is commendable!
The revision classes conducted need a big thumps up for bringing together all the learnings!
Thanks for all the support, guidance and motivation throughout the last year!!

Preeti Gulati

What our students think?

My 11+ Journey
I cannot recommend Jay Tutoring enough to anyone who may be thinking of embarking on the 11+journey. Jay Tutoring really helped me with my 11+ journey as both Jay sir and Ruchi Ma’am were very kind and helpful teachers. They presented me with opportunities to stretch my potential and taught me useful techniques and methods to solve challenging questions, leading to drastic improvements in my test scores. Both Jay Sir and Ruchi ma’am were adept at making every session interesting and fun-filled. The other students were very affable and kind too, which helped a lot. Under their tutelage, I started doing really well at school too. In addition to helping me in my 11+ journey, Jay sir and Ruchi ma’am helped me in other examinations such as Independent school tests and the Primary Maths Challenge. Jay Tutoring held camps during the holidays, giving extra support to children that needed it. Their mock exams are of excellent quality. It is as close as it can get to the actual exam. The feedback provided by the teachers are very detailed and well explained.
Jay sir and Ruchi ma’am are very motivational and are always there to help you. They check on you after every test and keep encouraging you to go on and do better the next time around. When the classes moved online, I was a little worried about how I would adjust to an online environment but Jay sir and Ruchi ma’am were amazing at keeping the same level of enthusiasm and focus during the online lessons. Although my 11+ journey involved hours of preparation, dedication and focus, I am thankful that I had the privilege of being tutored by two of the most inspiring teachers I have ever met.

Agastya Priyank

My 11+ journey was both enjoyable and stressful at the same time! It involved lots of hard work, focus, dedication as well as making small sacrifices on certain leisure activities in the months leading up to the grammar school entrance tests. There were definitely a few ups and downs during the process but I persevered and picked up the pieces to start all over again on some occasions! I also learned about the importance of making a study timetable and the discipline of sticking with it.

We live around one hour away from Jay Tutoring. Unfortunately, therefore I could not join the regular weekly coaching classes with Jay Sir and Ruchi Ma'am. However, my parents and I thought it would be worth the two-hour journey back and forth to Stanmore to attend Jay Tutoring's mock tests and the one-week crash course. Whilst it was physically draining to travel back and forth, it was certainly well worth it and it contributed enormously to my getting through every grammar school I had applied to!

I just wanted to highlight the fact that Jay Sir has a very unique way of teaching Maths. He explains the concepts in a simple-to-understand way, pushing me beyond my comfort zone but also providing the much-needed confidence on certain occasions when I was somewhat lost and confused! It would be fair to say that Jay sir is one of the best teachers I have ever had and want to sincerely thank him for all the encouragement, mentoring, confidence building, morale boosting and most of all, making Maths fun and enjoyable!

When the results from Tiffin Girls (#1 on my list) came through, it was a very satisfying moment to say the least! All that hard work had paid off and I had learned so much, not only about concepts in Maths and English, but also life lessons! I definitely owe it to Jay Tutoring for helping me on this important and life-changing journey.

I have a younger sister who is also planning to try for grammar schools in a few years from now. The fact that we are contemplating moving to Stanmore temporarily during the months leading up to her entrance tests, summarises the positivity we feel about Jay Tutoring in shaping my grammar school entrance journey!

Annushka Padmanabhan

I started attending Jay Sir and Ruchi Ma’am’s classes in September 2020 and I did till I wrote my 11 plus exams in November/ December 2021.

The classes really helped me improve on both my Maths and English skills.

Sir and Ma'am are very supportive and I enjoyed their style of teaching. I received feedback regularly from them and this helped me to know areas I have progressed and areas I need to improve on.

My confidence improved a lot with each lesson I attended and I felt adequately prepared for my examination. I have learnt so much in Maths and English and feel ready even for year 7.

Thank you so much for your support throughout the journey.

Haleemah Kehinde

Studying 11+ with Jay Sir and Ruchi Aunty was a lot of fun. I was new to this 11+ concept and was scared with all the fuss around. But Jay Sir made the lessons interesting, engaging and simple and it never felt stressful. There was always excitement in his lessons and if I didn’t understand any concept, they would find different ways to teach me until I was thoroughly clear. We learnt so much, yet it never felt like we were studying, and I miss those times ? Thank you Jay Sir and Ruchi Aunty for all your guidance and support.

Jiya Ved Vaducha

Jay Tutoring and team are amazing! They helped me throughout my entire 11+ journey, enhancing my scores from low 70s to high 90s within a short span of time! They helped me with all the tricks in Maths and English. They got me through to my dream secondary school with flying colours and I can't thank them enough for it! If someone asked me to recommend a tutor for their child hoping to get into their dream school, whatever their level, Jay Tutoring would be the first name that would pop into my head!

Krishna Patel

I have been a student at Jay Tutoring for over 4 years and ever since I have made huge progress in my learning because of Jay Sir. He has taught me all I needed to know and more. I am in the top set in Mathematics in my year. I owe all my success to his brilliant attitude and sincere approach in teaching.

Aditya Sharma Year 9, Claremont High School Academy

I am a year 7 student at City of London Boys School, my success in all my 11+ exams can be attributed to Jay Tutoring. It offers you the best environment to prepare for different types of exams and to augment your learning perspective. Jay Sir is my favourite teacher as he uses engaging and proactive techniques to enthuse his class. I have continued with him after my 11+ exams and see myself learning from him until I get into a University.

Abhay Sharma Year 7, City of London Boys School

I have been with Jay Tutoring for three years now and honestly speaking I wouldn’t change a thing about the past few years. Not only are the lessons enjoyable and engaging, I found myself looking forward to going to the lesson every single week.

Thanks to Jay Sir and his team, I got into a top school and I am still continuing with Jay Sir for my Maths GCSE.

At the end of the day I found the tutoring extremely helpful as it was more challenging than what we got at school, so not only did I am one of the top students in my school. I also learnt the methods far better than I ever did at school.

I would 100% recommend Jay Tutoring for their passion to teach and how they get the best out of each student. Thank you ever so much!

Jija Rane

My experience with Jay Sir has been extremely enriching. He has guided me well to enhance my mathematical skills
Jay Sir has been patient and engaging. I am grateful for his teachings which helped me get an in year admission in Queen Elizabeth's School and look forward to boosting my academic performance through his guidance!


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